Message for Parents

Alhamdulillah, you have made the right decision to enroll your child at the Madinah Academy of Madison. In choosing MAM, you have demonstrated a commitment to the values and philosophy of an Islamic education. At MAM we offer an environment that is safe, healthy, and conducive to the development of well rounded, well educated and spiritually grounded Muslim children. As we strive together as a community, let us remember that it is incumbent on all of us to nurture Muslim children to achieve excellence for the benefit of the entire Ummah.

The success of our school depends on everyone involved working together and helping one another towards the same goal. This handbook is designed to inform you of the school’s policies, procedures and guidelines. It also describes our philosophy, educational program, and structure. Please feel free to make your suggestions, comments and concerns known to the administration that always welcomes and values your input and constructive criticism.

Again, we welcome you, your child and your famil y to the Madinah Academy of Madison.

May Allah (SWT) bless us all with the ability to build a school that continually strives towards excellence! Ameen.


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