Wednesday, November 23, 2022

After Five Centuries, Granada Muslims Have Their Own Mosque

After waiting more than 500 years, Spanish Muslims finally managed to build their own mosque in the shadow of the Alhambra, one of the symbols of Islamic power in Europe in the past.

The opening is planned to be carried out by representatives of Muslim Spain. Broadcast live by al-Jazeera television, A muezzin will climb the minaret of the Grand Mosque of Granada and call the call to prayer for the first time in 5 centuries.

According to its builders, the mosque is a symbol of the revival of Islam in Europe and Spain, where there is a legacy of the glory of Islam.

However, secretly many Spaniards are not happy. “A lot of people are against it, but they know it’s politically impossible to voice their opinion,” said a local journalist.

It has been more than 500 years since the Spanish natives were reconquered in the south of the country, ending nearly 8 centuries of rule by the Moors, as Muslims from the Middle East are called.

Disregarding their promise to be tolerant of the Muslim faith, the Spaniards participated in a wave of coercion, expulsion and murder. Mosques were demolished, instead churches were built, often in the same locations where mosques were destroyed.

Memories of the “bloody times” and wars that for hundreds of years ravaged all of Andalusia are still alive in the minds of most Christians.

Even today in the hills around Granada, they still use the old baptismal prayer, “Here is your son: you give me a Moor, I turn him into a Christian.”

And history lives on in the memory of the Muslims. The longing to return to Islam that Andalus province hopes is often the theme of Islamic poetry.

Although the majority of Spaniards opposed to the project have dwindled in recent times, it took the city of Granada 22 years to get permission to build the first mosque for native Spanish Muslims rather than immigrants since the reconquests.

This mosque will be a place of worship for 500 Muslims, most of whom are Spaniards who have embraced Islam. According to Haqq, the majority of Muslims in Spain before the Moors came

“The Moors have taken over with the Qur’an rather than murder. This mosque to show Muslim citizens of Spain is not something strange. We will not reconquer this country. You just want to say that we, like other Spaniards, are like you,” said Abdul Haq, 42.

In 711 AD, Tariq bin Ziyad, an Islamic hero who was also a former assistant to Musa bin Nusair, led 12,000 Muslim troops across the strait between Africa and mainland Europe.

Tariq, who was famous for burning his ships on the coast of Andalusia (Spain) to fight against Christian armies, finally succeeded in conquering Andalusia and Granada.

Unfortunately, in 1085, the symbol of the glory of Islam fell on the Christian troops. Where King Al Qadir Adzdzunnuniyah surrendered to King Leon Alfonso VII. Breastfeeding then Mustansir al-Mudiayah surrendered to Ramire II of Aragon. The largest kingdom of Cordoba in Andalusia fell in 1236 and the second largest Kingdom of Seville fell and fell in 1248.

The collapse of Cordoba was not only lamented by Muslims, but also a Christian writer Stanley Lane Poole in his book “The Mohammadan Dynasties” who admitted how backwards Andalusian civilization had after the collapse of the Islamic empire of Cordova. (ntlg/sham/cha)

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