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Clean Up Your Home With Ease Using the Narwal Freo

Spring marks the end of winter, but with it comes spring cleaning. Yes, the dreaded spring cleaning is something we should all be starting on, so clear out your schedule to get started!

Of course, life would be so much easier if the floors, at least, could clean themselves, which is where the Narwal Freo comes in; a fantastic addition to any house.

Why the Narwal Freo? Well, because it can vacuum all the dust and dirt around your home. Plus, it will also meticulously mop every little spot, so that’s a two-in-one situation you can’t miss out on.

How Can Narwal Freo Help With Spring Cleaning?

narwal freo hard floor

When it comes to cleaning, you have to do many things, from washing your windows to dusting the whole house, including those hard-to-reach places. You’d free up a lot more time if you had some help with the floors, at the very least, so that’s where the Narwal Freo steps in.

This robot vacuum also has a mopping feature, so it will do two jobs simultaneously. It can clean your entire home or concentrate on specific spots if you spilled something, for instance, or the dog trekked dirt inside your home.

Tackling two tasks; let’s start with the vacuuming bit, which the Narwal Freo can handle like a pro. It will clean your floor by planning its route so that it will move over every inch of your room at least twice.

There are five vacuum and mopping modes available to choose from. You can ask the Freo to vacuum and mop, to vacuum then mop, to only vacuum, to only mop, or to… Freo, which allows the robovac to do its job however it sees fit. The Vacuum then mop mode, in particular, is pretty great because it still performs both tasks but does them one after the other rather than simultaneously. In this way, for instance, you can avoid having the mops smudge dirt that didn’t get picked up on the first go.

narwal freo vacuum mop lifted

Then, there’s the mopping part, which the Narwal Freo simply excels at. First, you must know that the robovac uses two spinning mops to do the job. On top of this, the Narwal has patented Corner Traps technology integrated into the Freo model, which, along with the smart-swing feature, enables automatic twists to cover floor edges and corners better. This is something that’s so often overlooked by many robovacs, so it’s refreshing to see some thought put into it.

Another thing the Freo can do is to detect the degree of dirt on the floor. By using the DirtSense, the robovac automatically adjusts the duration of mop washing and determines if it needs to take another pass on a particular area. For instance, this can be super useful for the area in front of the door.

If that wasn’t enough, you don’t have to switch between modules for vacuuming and mopping. Many robovacs will require you to remove the mopping module when you want to vacuum. The Narwal Freo will lift its mops when you only want to vacuum, adjust the rotation speed for the side brushes depending on the task, etc. When you send the Freo on a mopping job, it will lift the roller brush to avoid dust contamination.

Hands-Free Cleaning for Your Home

narwal freo pets

Clearly, the Narwal Freo can clean your floors. But did you know the base station can also offer a helping hand with all the jobs it takes off your to-do list?

First off, the base station will charge the robovac. Then, it will act as a dustbin, automatically emptying the container on the Freo when the robovac returns from a cleaning job.

The base station will also clean the mops once the job is done. Since you must fill the base with water and floor cleaner, it will automatically mix the correct cleaner-to-water ratio to rinse and sanitize the mops perfectly. It will also analyze how dirty the water is and decide if your floors need another cleaning.

Assuming the job is completely done, the base will use one of three heating modes to dry and sanitize the mops. In this way, the device can stop the growth of bacteria, so your mops don’t stink after a few uses.

The Narwal Freo base station is easy to carry when you need to move it and comes with a child lock, preventing your young ones and your entirely-too-curious pets from getting into the dirt. Plus, it’s easy to disassemble and clean every so often.

Best Price Around for the Narwal Freo

Now that you know how awesome the Narwal Freo is, this professional house cleaner has an MSRP of $1,299. Thankfully, with our unique discount code, you’ll only have to pay $1,049 for one of the best robovacs available right now.